A real time retail platform that just makes sense.

Why wait for tomorrow when you can have it all now? Thanks to the use of leading edge technologies, Espresso Retail is a fully integrated retail management system that’s able to keep tabs on everything while you focus on running your business. 

Whether you operate a single shop, or an entire chain of them….  Whether you operate a strictly online business, a strictly brick-and-mortar business, or a hybrid operation…  Espresso Retail is here to see to your needs.

From Points of Sale, to Stock Control, eCommerce, Accounting, and more, this holistic solution is efficient, affordable, and highly customisable – let’s take a look.  

Point Of Sale

Work smarter, not harder.

With Espresso Retail you’re always one step ahead when it comes to point of sale records, integrating with all your existing devices, including barcode scanners, weighing scales, payment card EPOS devices, and so on. Espresso Retail allows you quickly deploy products to your feature-rich POS at the touch of a button.

Espresso Retail comes with our very own customised functionalities, including per-line discounts and global bill discounts, gift voucher sales and queries, gift receipts, and multiple payment (and refund) methods such as cash, cheque, EPOS, mobile app, and credit.  And so much more…

With an intuitive user interface that’s been designed for sales productivity, Espresso Retail makes sure your team loves using it to get their job done in as seamless and effortless a manner as possible.


Add items and quantities manually –  or scan them in to execute a sale.


View products in a clean visually appealing design.


Go through categories quickly or search specific products with minimal effort.


Issue or query gift vouchers, add global discounts, sell from gift lists, and more.  Quickly, and easily.


Online business made simple.

Innovate rapidly and grow your business with cutting-edge eCommerce software designed specifically for retail. Empowering you to present the best image for your business online, Espresso Retail allows you not only to design and quickly deploy your own website, but also to track, update, and ultimately push your business forward using one completely customisable and intuitive software that you can adapt to suit your business.

Espresso Retail allows you to quickly publish products to your webshop – literally at the click of a button.  The software caters for gift lists, to send gift receipts, to purchase and redeem gift vouchers, to pay using mobile apps or debit/credit cards, and much more.  Most importantly, Espresso Retail removes the headache of tallying stock-levels between different systems, as all modules use the same database to track stock quantities.

Gain instant access to hundreds of features, enjoy secure hosting, and be completely up to speed with the digital world through a single user interface that’s easy to manage yet extremely efficient on the job.

Don’t have a creative team to design your website on our framework? We’ve teamed up with The Hive to make this process as smooth and simple for you.

Stock Control

Boost your business potential with seamless stock inventory updates.

Gone are the days where your online stock doesn’t match your real-life inventory. With Espresso Retail, your inventory stays updated in real time including all updated transactions irrespective of whether they happened in your brick-and-mortar store or online. Get stuff done in less time and power your business with an all-in-one cloud solution for simple inventory tracking, warehousing, and stock valuations, including landed costs. 

Espresso Retail makes sure that your stock gets updated instantly with every transaction happening around your business, be it a purchase or stock receipt from your suppliers, or a sale – irrespective of where the sale came from, be it your POS, eCommerce, or your sales and delivery people on-the-go or in your back-office.

With dependable performance and predictable stability, Espresso Retail offers instant results that are customisable, while always being extremely easy to use. 


View all your products and their variants in a simple and attractive interface that enables you to find your information rapidly.


Drill down into products to check or change inventory levels, by product, variant, warehouse, or location.


View, export, or print a multitude of flexible inventory reports. 

Finance & Administration

Invoices, sales, purchases, and reporting, all integrated into one system.

Why settle for ‘one size fits all’ when you can have a single integrated, yet flexible system like Espresso Retail? Issue invoices, register payments, automate your purchasing, track and chase debts, track credits and gift vouchers, and access a detailed and updated outlook of your business any time you need it. 

With Espresso Retail you’re able to make use of advanced software technologies to manage the various financial aspects of your business by simply logging in from any browser with no additional downloads or installation required, even on mobile. Espresso Retail; it really does it all.

Giftware Retail

Never has it been simpler to sell gifts.

Are you in the giftware retail industry?  Keeping track of gift voucher sales, and the redemption of gift vouchers can be quite a headache.  Then there are those pesky gift receipts, and the gift wrapping options, as well as the mammoth task of maintaining wish-lists and more formal gift lists such as wedding registries.

Espresso Retail has been designed with this industry in mind, making it easy for you to sell gift vouchers on POS or online and to keep track of transactions that redeem gift voucher balances.  It also lets you issue gift receipts, for in-store or online purchases, as well as to provide gift wrapping services.

You can also maintain gift lists for any occasion (think weddings, engagements, birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, etc.)  The software lets you create lists with ease, as well as keep track of all sales made from any gift list, ensuring that your customer receives an efficient service, whilst you can focus on your job rather than the headaches of the data processes.


A modular and fluid system.

Espresso Retail is a full-blown ERP (enterprise resource planning) system targeted for the retail industry.   It is indeed a veritable business management software suite, in a tiny espresso cup.  

You can extend it with further modules, such as our Projects module if you also offer project management, or with our Timesheets and Field Service modules if you have a workforce on-the-go.  Or you might want to extend it with our Rental module if you rent out your products.  

Or perhaps you might want to leverage your data and conduct some marketing using our E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, or Marketing Automation modules.  Maybe you would like to streamline your sales team processes using our CRM.

Whatever your needs are, talk to us so that we can analyse your needs and offer you our guidance.

Device Integration

Linking the need devices made simple.

Espresso Retail makes it easy for you to connect to most peripheral devices that your retail operation will ever require.

We have worked hard to connect the software to banks’ EPOS devices to ensure your POS is not only more efficient, but also more accurate, and that the entire POS operation is more accountable.

The software also easily connects to digital weighing scales, receipt printers, barcode printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, customer displays, kitchen order printers, kitchen screens, and more*.

Speak to us if you have any special device you would like to connect – we love a good challenge.


*Some customisation effort may be required in certain instances.

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Integrated Devices

All your operational devices integrated in a seamless system.

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